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Coding Accelerator Program

Duration – 6 months, 48 hours per week commitment

Expected Start Date for Uki Jaffna – 06 May 2019


This Coding Accelerator program is an intensive training on full-stack development with server-side Node.js and modern, client-side, front-end libraries and frameworks.

Throughout this intensive course, the student will study professional software development techniques and practices as he/she advances his/her skills on JavaScript.

In Addition to Full Stack Development, this course also includes career development curriculum such as

  • Basic Business Skills
  • Spoken English and Communication Skills.
  • Personal Coaching

to get the students ready for job search plus job search assistance after graduation. Further guidance will be provided for those who want to venture in their own to become startup founders and co-founders.


  • Build and contribute to a server-side and client-side application, each using an architecture/framework that promotes maintainability, scalability, and collaboration. These skills will be fully demonstrated during their personal project in which a  full stack application will be developed adhering to industry best practices and patterns.
  • Apply Computer Science fundamentals in analyzing the trade-offs between competing solutions when choosing algorithms; JavaScript coding patterns and practices.
  • Be given a series of career development workshops and the web development knowledge, experience, habits, and practices learned in this course, students will create an online brand, network, and resume; and will demonstrate aptitude in personal and technical interviews of varying formats, in order to conduct a successful job search and obtain a job as a Trainee Full-Stack JavaScript or Front-End Web Developer or become a Startup Founder or Co-Founder.


Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. Passing requires at least 90% attendance. Students should always contact the instructors ahead of time if unable to attend all or part of a class session.


  • Programming concepts
    • Data Structures / Algorithms
  • Database
  • Software engineering process
  • Web and web programming concepts
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Code Readability and Maintainability
  • Version Control
  • Debugging
  • Quality assurance
  • Basic Finance
  • Business model and Business model innovation
  • Legal and Professional Ethics
  • Sales, Marketing and Promotion
  • Written – Basic Email and Technical documentation
  • Spoken


  • Server-Side and Client-Side JavaScript
  • HTML5, CSS, and Sass

Planned week schedule

Week 1

: Programming Fundamentals
: Pseudocodes, Flow Charts, Algorithms, and Data Structures
: Project Ideation

Week 2

: Introduction to the Internet and Client-Server Architecture
: Beginners Guide to Web Development

Week 3 – 6

Introduction to App Development
: Intro GIT
: Front End – HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery
: Bootstrap
: UI/UX design principles

Week 7 – 10

Intro to Database
: NodeJs Fundamentals
: MongoDB

Week 9 – 10

Fix Project Concept and Start Implementation

Week 11

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Week 12

: AJAX,Mongoose

Week 13


Week 14/15

REST principles, API

Week 16

Security / Session Handling / Authentication / Cookies

Week 19

: OAuth

Week 20

: API integration, Responsive Design

Week 17 to 24

React Js

Week 21

UI/UX design
: Mobile Hybrid

Week 22

: Build Automation

Week 23

Project Management

Week 10 – 24

Project Implementation

Week 25

Project Demo (Final)

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